A three-day Pastors Recreation organized by the Sumi Baptist Akukubou Kughakulu (SBAK-Aizuto) commenced on Monday, 15 April 2024, held under the theme “He Restores My Soul,” with T Kakihe Sumi, Joint Director of the Department of Tourism, Government of Nagaland, as the Special Guest.

SBAK aizuto
Seven tourist cottages underwent extensive refurbishment at Aizuto Tourist Destination, which were dedicated during the three-day Pastors Recreation organized by SBAK-Aizuto.

On the first day, Reverend Dr Daniel Chishi, Executive Secretary of SBAK-Aizuto, led a formal session for the dedication prayer of the Tourist Cottage. During the session, Chishi highlighted that the Tourist Cottage was originally constructed and named as the “Aizuto Tourist Destination” on 25 November 2008. However, due to a lack of proper maintenance, the Tourist Cottage couldn’t be fully utilized.

Hence, in order to revitalize the aging infrastructure of the Tourist Cottage, the Aizuto Mission Centre spearheaded significant repair and renovation endeavors. With contributions from churches across twelve villages, seven Tourist Cottages underwent extensive refurbishment, resulting in the upgradation of Aizuto Tourist Destination extensively, Chishi elaborated.

Chishi emphasized the importance of these Tourist Cottages, which will now serve as a central hub for various church activities, including prayers, seminars, campaigns, and worship. He expressed gratitude to the churches and villages that supported this endeavor, with 97 pastors in attendance during the three-day event.

Moral responsibility for sustainable development
In his address, Special Guest T Kakihe Sumi stressed the moral responsibility of citizens in safeguarding government properties for sustainable development.

He acknowledged the communication gap that has led to some hindrance for improvement of Tourist Cottage in the region. He lauded the efforts of Reverend Dr Daniel Chishi and the Aizuto Mission Centre in revitalizing the tourist destination, urging continued dedication to safeguard government properties and generate sustainable growth and development thereby enhancing tourism to generate self employment opportunities.

Sumi urged pastors to embody sincerity and commitment to Christ and the Gospel’s principles, recognizing their pivotal role in the Christian community. He emphasized the importance of church members as stakeholders and called upon leaders to foster unity and Christianity’s essence within the Sumi context.

Furthermore, Sumi advocated for mutual respect and collaboration between theologians and laypeople within the church, emphasizing the shared objective of advancing the larger interests of the Sumi community.

Call for a unified Sumi community
He acknowledged how Sumi Christianity has reached maturity and is about to celebrate 125 years of its existence but lamented that the community is currently in a state of confusion.

He urged all stakeholders – pastors, reverends, church leaders, and believers – to reflect on their roles and uphold the true principles of Christianity for the collective benefit of the Sumi community.

He emphasized that the past is behind us, and one should focus on forging a unified Sumi society and urged the present leaders to seize this opportunity to guide the community towards a brighter future.

Special Guest T Kakihe Sumi has also inspected all the tourist cottages at Aizuto Tourist Destination. The program was chaired by Ilika Zhimo, CE Secretary; Zhetoli Yeptho CE Coordinator pronounced the invocation prayer, Akuluto VK and Zunheboto A, CLF presented a special number and Rev Kihoshe Assumi Youth Secretary bestowed God’s blessings in the event.

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