Mokokchung, 11 October (MTNews): A Sensitization workshop on the management of MLPs (multilayered plastics) and SUPs (single-use plastics) was held at The DC Conference Hall today. 5 students with 1 teacher from 20 schools attended the workshop.


Schools in Mokokchung pledge to ‘bank and not bin MLPs’

Founder, Earth Alliance, Thangi Mannen, in her introduction to the workshop stated that dumping sites are becoming a major issue, the sites are getting filled up and they are targeting school children because school children have a vital role to play. She asserted a small act of responsibility towards the environment they do today will secure them a healthy environment tomorrow.

Rishi Aggarwal, Founder, Mumbai Sustainable Center, in the technical session of Safai Bank of India, shared that the Safai Bank of India initiatives aim and encourage schools to introduce Safia Bank of India. “Every family has one plastic wrapper opened a day and that makes 365 plastic per year from one family,” he stated.

He added that behavior change and conscious consumption is the way to show gratitude to the planet. Mumbai Sustainable Center functions under the slogan “Don’t bin it, Bank it.” He also informed that they had collected almost one crore wrappers while running the program for six years. Aggarwal explained that “Crude Oil is used for plastic making so once the wrappers are collected, energy recovery is done and it becomes a fuel in cement manufacture as it gives the same amount of heat that comes from coal,”   Abeinuo, EAC while speaking on the partnership with MMC, highlighted that, an average per capita waste collected is around 670 grams. She stated we do not make efforts or make initiatives to dispose waste sustainably. She acknowledged the initiative taken by Earth Alliance to tackle the issue of Multiple Layered Plastics.

This workshop was organized by the Urban Development department in collaboration with schools, initiated by Earth Alliance founder Thangi Mannen. 20 schools in Mokokchung pledged to collect and bank the MLPs and once it is filled, the MLP waste will be sent to MMC. MMC will then collect it and send it to Dimapur through Nagaland State Transport. The Dimapur Municipal Council will thereby initiate in sending the collected waste to Dalmia Cement factory.

The main concept of holding the workshop was to create awareness on disposing waste sustainably. The 20 schools resolved to do the first deposit of MLPs on 3 November 2023. Clean Mokokchung Campaign will act as facilitator to the schools and Earth Alliance will initiate as the mediator between Dalmia Cement factory and the Dimapur Municipal Council.

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