Serendipity Society, an NGO established in 2020, is gearing up to offer free tuition to children from underprivileged backgrounds. The tuition center, located beneath the MMC Shopping Complex in Dilong Ward, Mokokchung, is set to cater not only to local children but also welcomes children from across various districts in Nagaland.

serendipity society

In an interview with Mokokchung Times, Limasangla, one of the founders of Serendipity Society, shed light on the organization’s inception. She revealed that the NGO was founded by a group of like-minded individuals, including herself, Moalong, Purnungla, and Adangla, who share a common vision of extending support to those facing financial hardships. Currently, there are seven members in the society.

Limasangla emphasized the importance of their initiative, citing personal experiences of financial struggles during their upbringing as inspiration behind the formation of the NGO.

She highlighted Serendipity Society’s previous endeavors in assisting individuals through entrepreneurial and livelihood programs. “We used to assist those entrepreneurs financially by facilitating loans with low interest, particularly those who fail to obtain loans from banks and other financial institutes,” said Limasangla.

Furthermore, Limasangla disclosed that the free tuition initiative is being conducted in partnership with INSEDA, an NGO based in New Delhi. Currently, the program has received inquiries from eight children. The organization has set a limit of 40-50 seats.

The program aims to provide free tuition classes to primary and middle school students after school hours. Through this program, students from underprivileged families will be provided free tuition classes in all major subjects. It is an educational aid program for school-going children who need extra study assistance but whose parents/guardians cannot help them with their studies or are unable to afford private tuition fees.

The primary objective of the program is to provide tuition classes to primary and middle school students after regular school hours. Subjects covered will include all major academic disciplines, aiming to offer additional support to students who lack access to private tutoring due to financial constraints.

Acknowledging the pivotal role of primary and middle school education in shaping students’ academic trajectories, the program seeks to instill a positive attitude towards learning among underprivileged youth. Targeting orphans and children from low-income families, including daily wage earners, farmers, and small shopkeepers, Serendipity Society aims to bridge educational gaps and foster a conducive learning environment for marginalized students.

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