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The Global Naga Forum stands in disbelief and utter dismay over the recent factional clashes between NSCN IM and Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) at Lamdangmei vallage under Noney District of Naga homeland on 17th December 2023, resulting in the losing of three precious Naga youths. Two factions that share a common heritage and purportedly fight for the same cause—the self-determination of the Naga people. This resurgence of violence among brothers is not only shameful but shocking, particularly when we are actively engaged in peace negotiations for the resolution of the Indo-Naga Talks with the Government of India.

After years of relative peace among Naga factions, it is disheartening to witness the resumption of hostilities, leading to the tragic killing of fellow Nagas. We are sorely aware of the machinations masterminded by external forces working tirelessly to crush the Naga people’s movement for self-determination. The same old tactics of planting moles and collaborators within Naga communities are being employed to continue the nefarious agenda of fragmentation and division.

It is crucial for all Naga communities to recognize that these external forces will live to regret their malevolent designs. The Naga cause transcends the sum of its parts, and the animosity fuelled by external forces only serves to consolidate and strengthen the resolve of the Nagas to assert their rights and free themselves from forced occupation.

The events and episodes in the past few years against innocent Naga citizens have been glaringly vivid, exposing the relentless efforts of alien forces to extinguish the Naga cause.

However, we reiterate that the Naga people are a civilization of their own kind, and nothing on earth can erode that inherent identity, no matter the challenges thrown our way.

While we vehemently condemn the fratricidal killings between NSCN IM and ZUF, we issue a heartfelt appeal for peace and calm. The Nagas must draw inspiration from the exemplary unity of various ethnic groups in the North East like Chin-Kuki- Zo and Meitei Communities and immediately cease fire among blood brothers. It is imperative that we prioritize dialogue and reconciliation over violence, for the sake of our shared future. With heavy heart, the GNF extends deepest condolences to all the bereaved family members for the lost of their loved ones.


Media Cell,

Global Naga Forum.

Kohima, Nagaland

December 21, 2023

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