The State Mission Management Unit (SMMU), Nagaland State Rural Livelihoods Mission (NSRLM) under the department of Rural Development led by M Rollan Lotha, Chief Operating Officer (Programs), conducted an extensive visit to the Mission Management Unit to assess system and program implementation progress in Mokokchung district. The team included Esther, State Program Manager – Procurement, and Atenjen Lemtur, Program Manager – Livelihoods.

SMMU NSRLM assesses progress of rural

On 7 June 2024, the SMMU team visited and monitored Shiitake mushroom cultivation managed by Women Self Help Group (SHG) under the Nagaland State Rural Livelihoods Mission (NSRLM) in Yaongyimti New Village and Chakpa Village under RD Block Chuchuyimlang followed by visits to Yimchalu and Sungratsu villages under RD Block Kubolong. These initiatives highlight the empowerment and economic development efforts being made by rural women in the region.

Continuing their visit, on 8 June, the team monitored activities in Settsü, Longsa, and Ungma villages under RD Block Ongpangkong North. These visits were aimed at monitoring the progress and impact of various livelihood activities of the NSRLM initiatives.

The visit concluded on 10 June with a debriefing session at Conference Hall, Hotel Whispering Winds led by M Rollan Lotha, Chief Operating Officer (programs) where discussions were held with District Mission Management Unit (DMMU) and Block Mission Management Unit (BMMU) staff. This session provided an opportunity to review the findings, discuss challenges, and strategize on further enhancing the effectiveness of the program across the district. The Debriefing Session was attended by all the District and Block staff of NSRLM Mokokchung led by Imyapangla, Project Officer, DRDA and District Program Manager NSRLM.

The SMMU’s visit underscores the commitment to fostering sustainable development and livelihood opportunities in rural areas. The team expressed satisfaction with the progress made and reiterated their support for the ongoing efforts of the NSRLM SHGs and the Mission Management Units.

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