New Delhi, 21 June (MTNews): Chairperson of the Congress Parliamentary Party (CPP), Sonia Gandhi on Wednesday expressed deep concern over the unfolding human tragedy in Manipur and called for peace.


Sonia Gandhi
Sonia Gandhi


Addressing the people of the state in a video appeal, Ms Gandhi said, “For nearly 50 days we have witnessed a great human tragedy unfold in Manipur. The unprecedented violence that has devastated the lives of people in your state and uprooted thousands has left a deep wound in the conscience of our nation.”


She said that it was ‘heart-breaking’ to witness people, who have coexisted peacefully, turn against each other. “The history of Manipur stands testament to her ability to embrace people of all ethnicities, religions and backgrounds, and the myriad possibilities of a diverse society. It takes tremendous trust and goodwill to nurture the spirit of brotherhood, and a single misstep to fan the flames of hate and divisiveness,” the CPP chairperson said.


Stressing the significance of the choices made today “for the future inherited by our children,” Ms Gandhi appealed to the people of Manipur, especially the courageous women, to lead the way towards restoring peace and harmony in their beautiful land. As a mother, she empathized with their pain and urged them to let their conscience guide their actions. She expressed hope and faith in the resilience of the people of Manipur, believing that they would overcome this ordeal and emerge stronger.


Meanwhile, the Congress party has once again criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his prolonged silence on the issue. Congress leader Jairam Ramesh criticized the Prime Minister for ignoring the tragedy and failing to meet with political representatives who sought his time.


“He has totally and completely failed his duty as the Prime Minister of India by choosing to deliberately ignore Manipur in a time of crisis. His behavior on Manipur is most shocking and beyond comprehension,” the Congress leader tweeted.


Shashi Tharoor, another Congress member, also expressed disappointment over the government’s silence and inaction, questioning the absence of priority given to the crisis in Manipur despite the concept of “maximum governance” promised by the Modi government.

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