Imphal, 21 June (MTNews): At least three civilians were injured on Wednesday night when an SUV parked at a culvert exploded in the Kwakta area of Manipur’s Bishnupur district, according to sources, where ethnic violence has already claimed the lives of nearly 100 people. The incident occurred as tensions remained high in the region due to ongoing conflicts.


Reports suggest that a bomb concealed within the vehicle was possibly triggered after the driver exited the SUV and managed to escape. The three injured individuals, who were standing near the parked vehicle at the time of the explosion, were promptly rushed to the Bishnupur District Hospital for medical treatment.


Medical professionals at the hospital have described one of the victims’ injuries as severe, as per information provided by Outlook India. The blast, which took place around 7:30 pm, is the latest in a series of violent incidents occurring in the Kwakta region, one of the worst-hit areas in the state.


Eyewitnesses reported that the driver left the Scorpio car before the explosion, leaving the vehicle empty. Authorities in Imphal have confirmed that an improvised explosive device (IED) was planted in the SUV. Additional security forces have been deployed to the area in response to the incident.


Amidst the escalating situation, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has called for an all-party meeting in New Delhi on Saturday, June 24, to discuss the ongoing violence and its impact on the northeastern state of Manipur.


Meanwhile, security forces have successfully dismantled a bunker believed to have been used by insurgents in the Imphal West district. Though intermittent gunfire has been reported in Imphal East and Imphal West districts, no casualties or injuries have been reported so far.


Combing operations by security forces are underway in different parts of the state to maintain law and order. Furthermore, the internet ban in Manipur has been extended until Sunday, aiming to control the spread of misinformation and prevent any further escalation of violence.

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