Following an incident late Sunday night in Imphal West where an Army soldier was wounded in a gunfire exchange, Manipur Chief Minister Biren Singh issued a stern warning, stating that there would be ‘consequences’ if such incidents continue.


Expressing his concerns, the Chief Minister declared his intention to hold a review meeting to discuss security measures and explore ways to prevent such attacks. He emphasized the urgency of putting an immediate stop to such occurrences, cautioning that failure to do so would result in consequences. Additionally, he made an appeal to the Meitei people who possess arms, urging them not to engage in any form of aggression.


In a statement released by the Spear Corps of the Indian Army, it was revealed that a group of armed miscreants initiated unprovoked firing from Kanto Sabal towards Chingmang village during the night of 18 to 19 June.


In response, it stated that “Army Columns resorted to controlled retaliatory fire keeping in view the presence of villagers in the area” where one Army Soldier sustained a gunshot wound and was evacuated to Military Hospital Leimakhong. The Army said that the soldier is stable while additional columns have been inducted in the area and that joint operations are in progress.


The area in question is situated at the border of Imphal West district in the valley and the Kangpokpi district in the hills. In response to the escalating violence that has gripped the state since 28 May, the Indian Army has deployed 156 columns in Manipur. Most of their operations have focused on the “fringe areas” which have become hotspots for exchanges of fire and incidents of arson.


Mizoram extends support for peaceful resolution

Meanwhile, in a bid to promote peace and restore normalcy amid the crisis, Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh also engaged in a dialogue with his Mizoram counterpart, Chief Minister Zoramthanga. The Mizoram Chief Minister expressed his full support for resolving the ongoing violence and extending assistance to the Meitei community residing in Mizoram.


Taking to Twitter on 18 June, Chief Minister Zoramthanga shared details of his conversation with Chief Minister Biren Singh, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and joint efforts to address the issue and establish a harmonious environment in Manipur.


During their telephonic discussion, Chief Minister Biren Singh sought Chief Minister Zoramthanga’s assistance in tackling the violence in Manipur and expressed his optimism for a peaceful resolution. In response, Chief Minister Zoramthanga assured his counterpart that the Government of Mizoram deeply regrets the ongoing violence and has already implemented measures to alleviate the situation.


Additionally, Chief Minister Zoramthanga conveyed his support for the initiatives undertaken by the Government of Manipur and the Central Government in addressing the crisis. He emphasized that the people of Mizoram stand in solidarity with the Meitei community, and both the government and non-governmental organizations have taken steps to promote peace, security, and stability.


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