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The situation in Manipur has shown no signs of improvement as the region continue to be plagued by violence on its 46th day of unrest. In the latest incident, mobs engaged in clashes with security forces in Imphal overnight, resulting in two civilians sustaining injuries. Attempts were made to set fire to the houses of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders, according to officials.


Separately, Friday night, 16 June saw the firing of automatic weapons from Kwakta in Bishnupur district and Kangvai in Churachandpur district, both known conflict areas in Manipur.


Intermittent bursts of gunfire were reported until the early morning, as confirmed by police and army sources. Furthermore, miscreants set an empty house ablaze in Langol earlier today.


Adding to the alarming incidents, the head office of Thongju Assembly Constituency’s BJP Mandal, located at Khongman Okram Chuthek, fell victim to vandalism by a mob during the midnight hours. The unruly mob attempted to set fire to the BJP Mandal office but eventually retreated following a heated argument with local residents, reports say. Nevertheless, the office suffered extensive damage due to the act of vandalism. Authorities are currently investigating the incident to identify those responsible for the attack.


Multiple instances of mob build-up, attempted vandalism, and arson have been reported across Manipur. To address the escalating situation, joint forces comprising the Army, Assam Rifles, Rapid Action Force, and state police conducted a Flag March in the Imphal East district until midnight.


At the Palace Compound near Advance Hospital, an arson attempt took place where approximately 1,000 individuals congregated yesterday evening, attempting to carry out acts of arson and vandalism. The Rapid Action Force (RAF) responded by firing tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the mob, resulting in injuries to two civilians.


Furthermore, a mob gathered near Manipur University as around 200 to 300 people assembled near Thongju at 10:40 PM. Their intent was to vandalize the residence of a local MLA, but a column of the RAF swiftly intervened, dispersing the crowd.


In another incident, a mob last night attempted to vandalize the armory of Iringbam Police Station in the Imphal West district. Approximately 300 to 400 individuals tried to ransack the police station at 11:40 PM, but they were dispersed by the RAF.


Army sources revealed that a mob of 200 to 300 people surrounded the BJP office in Sinjemai shortly after midnight. However, an Army column promptly intervened, successfully dispersing the crowd.


The mob also targeted the residence of state BJP president, Adhikarimayum Sharda Devi, in Imphal West at midnight. Fortunately, the Army and RAF prevented the attack, effectively dispersing the crowd, according to sources from the Army.


These attacks come just a day after the home of Union Minister RK Ranjan Singh was set ablaze by a mob of 1,200 individuals who lobbed petrol bombs.


The violence between two communities in Manipur has reached a critical point in recent days, with political leaders’ properties becoming prime targets.



Former Manipur CM Ibobi Singh questions PM’s silence

Former Chief Minister of Manipur, Ibobi Singh, today, raised concerns during a press conference regarding the lack of attention and response from Prime Minister Narendra Modi towards the distressing situation in Manipur. Singh highlighted the significant outcry in various relief camps, where more than 20,000 displaced people have been sheltered, and expressed his disappointment that the Prime Minister has not uttered a single word about Manipur’s plight.


Former Chief Minister of Manipur, Ibobi Singh


During the press conference, Singh posed a thought-provoking question, asking whether Manipur is indeed considered a part of India or not. Arguing that he is the Prime Minister of the whole country, he appealed to the Prime Minister, urging him to at least acknowledge the situation by posting a single tweet.


Singh further conveyed that all like-minded political parties have united and presented a memorandum to address the issue. He emphasized that their intention is not to politicize the matter but to prioritize the restoration of peace in Manipur. Singh stressed the collective objective of these political parties to achieve peace before the Prime Minister departs for his foreign tour.

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