The ‘Stag Global Throttle Thrust V,’ a highly anticipated motorsport event that roared to life on November 3 in the village of Ungma, Mokokchung, concluded in spectacular fashion today. This fifth edition of Throttle Thrust, organized by the Spearhead Motorsport Initiative, undoubtedly lived up to its reputation as a thrilling two-day spectacle, leaving an indelible mark on Mokokchung and the hearts of all who attended.

Throttle Thrust
The ‘Stag Global Throttle Thrust V’ motorsport event concluded in Ungma village, Mokokchung, Nagaland, with C Manpon Konyak, MLA as special guest on Saturday, 4 November, organized by Spearhead Motorsport Initiative. Notable winners included Kima Jamir, Tomito V Shohe, Kevin Puro, and others in different categories. Seen in the picture are all the winners with organizers and officials at the prize distribution ceremony at Tourist Centre, Ungma, Mokokchung. (MTNews)


As the engines fell silent and the dust settled, the victors of this high-octane showdown were revealed the prize distribution ceremony at Tourist Centre, Ungma, Mokokchung on 4 November evening, showcasing their remarkable skills and dedication in various categories:


Open Category Results:

Kima Jamir, representing Spearhead

Tomito V Shohe, a member of Street Kings

Kevin Puro, hailing From NAC



TTV Below 1300 Category Results:

Tomito V Shohe, proudly representing Street Kings

Alem I Jamir, a spirited racer from AMAM

Thezieu Kire, showing skills and representing KAMC


SUV Category Results:

Lanusunep, a standout racer from Spearhead

Ruokuobietuo Kense, a determined racer from NAC

Ana Solo, showcasing prowess for KAMC


The event received a significant boost in stature as it was graced by C Manpon Konyak, MLA, who attended as the special guest. In his address, he congratulated the Spearhead Team and emphasized that the success of this inspiring event was made possible through the blessings of God. Konyak went on to encourage everyone to recognize that God guides and supports all endeavors, including motorsport races.

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