Tseminyu, 5 November (MTNews): The Tseminyu District Chess Association in collaboration with the Child Welfare Committee, Tseminyu successfully organized the 1st Inter High School Beginners’ Chess Championship 2023 on 4 November. The event was hosted by the Christian School, Tseminyu, with the generous sponsorship of Young Rengma Entrepreneurs and individual chess enthusiasts.

Tseminyu Chess

The Championship ceremony was graced by the presence of Mrs Gwayhunle Tep, SDEO Cum DEO In-charge, Tseminyu as special guest. In her speech, Mrs Tep emphasized the importance of chess in schools and highlighted the benefits of playing chess for every individual irrespective of age bar, and gender. The Chairperson of the Child Welfare Committee, Tseminyu, Mr Jetilo Apon also spoke on the topic “child rights and school safety” during the Prize Distribution program.

The event commenced with an invocation by Mr Kelvin Tep, President of the EGF Tseminyu, followed by a special song presented by Christian School Hostellers. The program was chaired by Ms Thonile Seb, Women Coordinator of TDCA. In the closing remark, Ms Seb stated that it was the first ever Chess Tournament organized for the students in the region.

A total of 22 players registered for the championship from seven different schools under Tseminyu District. In the Junior Category, Kentye Kent of BHSS emerged as the Champion, with Benhilo Kesen of DBS and Jochuyhulo Khing of AG School securing the second and third positions respectively.

In the Sub Junior Category, Miluti Apon from BHSS claimed the Championship title, while Yhulonyu Khing of BHSS and Methawa Magh of DBS secured the second and third positions. Mr Bwenlo Kent and Mr Soruno Magh assisted the tournament as arbiters.

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