The Western Sumi Hoho (WSH) and Chakroma Public Organization (CPO) have issued a joint appeal ahead of the Urban Local Bodies elections, urging for a fair and peaceful electoral process. Stressing on the importance of transparency and democracy, the organizations called for equal opportunities for all candidates to engage with voters.

“We urge all candidates and party workers to refrain from any form of violence, intimidation, or unethical practices that could undermine the integrity of the electoral process,” it said.

The organizations also called upon all voters to exercise their democratic right responsibly and thoughtfully.

“It is crucial that voters make their decisions based on the merits and capabilities of the candidates, rather than on tribal lines or affiliations. By electing leaders who are honest, competent, and dedicated to serving the community, we can collectively contribute to the development and progress of our region,” they added.

They further urged all stakeholders to work together towards a peaceful and harmonious electoral environment, where every voice is heard and every vote counts.

Mokokchung Times

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