The Governor of Nagaland, La Ganesan, inaugurated a water reservoir at Good Samaritan’s Senior Citizens’ Home, Meriema on 21 June 2024. At the inauguration, Governor Ganesan emphasized the personal significance of the project, highlighting its embodiment of care and respect for the elderly community.

Nagaland Governor

“This reservoir represents our commitment to the well-being and comfort of the elderly residents,” the Governor stated. “Water is essential to life, and by ensuring a reliable supply, we address one of their most fundamental needs, allowing our senior citizens to live with dignity and without worry.”

Addressing the home’s residents, Governor Ganesan acknowledged their vital role in society as bearers of wisdom and tradition. He emphasized the importance of ensuring their golden years are filled with comfort, peace, and joy, describing the reservoir as a small gesture of gratitude for their contributions.

The Governor also stressed the importance of compassion and empathy in a rapidly changing world, asserting that providing the best care and attention to the elderly is a collective responsibility. He expressed hope that the reservoir would bring lasting joy and comfort to the residents, urging everyone to create more opportunities to enhance the quality of life for senior citizens.

By honoring our elders in this way, Governor Ganesan concluded, we set an example for future generations to follow.

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