Mokokchung, 8 February (MTNews): The All Sumi Students’ Union (Sümi Kiphimi Kuqhakulu) and the Ao Students’ Conference (Ao Kaketshir Mungdang) have strongly condemned a recent statement made by Advisor School Education & SCERT, Dr Kekhrielhoulie Yhome, concerning the “non-recruitment of primary teachers for the next ten years” from Sumi and Ao tribes.”

Expressing deep concern over the Advisor’s statement implying a decade-long exclusion of Sumi and Ao primary teachers from recruitment processes, the organizations in a joint press release highlighted the “widespread outrage and distress within their communities”. They argued that such exclusionary measures undermine “principles of fairness, equality, and perpetuate systemic discrimination in education and employment matters”.

While acknowledging Dr Yhome’s efforts to improve the education system, the apex student bodies asserted that excluding Sumi and Ao tribes from primary teacher recruitment contradicts the spirit of inclusivity and equal opportunity. They emphasized the importance of appointing teachers based on qualifications, skills, and merit, rather than tribal affiliations, and criticized the statement as discriminatory and against principles of meritocracy.

The press release underscored the concern for the future prospects of trained and educated students from both communities over the next decade, stating that denying them teaching employment opportunities deprives them of rightful livelihoods and widens inequality gaps.

Furthermore, the organizations raised concerns about the lack of long-term planning for the education sector, particularly in addressing the pressing need for qualified replacements as teachers from Sumi and Ao tribes retire.

The All Sumi Students’ Union and the Ao Students’ Conference urged Dr Yhome to reconsider his statement and ensure fair, transparent recruitment processes based solely on merit. They reaffirmed their commitment to advocating for the rights and interests of their communities in education and beyond.

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