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In response to the ongoing indefinite bandh on NH-61 and the concerns raised regarding the execution of the NH-61 contract project, TTC Infra India provided insights into the situation.

According to the company, the delay and hindrances in the project execution primarily stem from issues related to Right of Way (ROW). The company stated, “The ROW issue became an inhibiting factor from the very inception. A contractor awarded the construction of road projects is not in any way involved in the process of securing the ROW.” They further explained that while certain stretches of the project have been completed as per specifications, the ROW for 10% of the project is still unavailable due to unresolved land compensation issues.

Regarding allegations of substandard work and demands for demolishing compensated buildings and structures, the company clarified, “The work order contained specific details for each project component, and so far, the Contract Authority has found no faults.” Additionally, the company emphasized that the responsibility for securing ROW and dealing with compensated buildings falls outside the contractor’s purview.

The company also highlighted the significant losses incurred due to prolonged project delays caused by protests and obstructions, stating, “The closure of work for more than two years has entailed huge losses for the contractor.” They further explained that despite efforts to resume work, challenges persist due to incomplete ROW provision and additional demands not specified in the original contract.

TTC Infra India, in conclusion, expressed hope that their press statement would clarify any misunderstandings surrounding the project’s execution and emphasized that the issues raised are beyond the contractor’s responsibility. (Read full text here)

Meanwhile, today, the Deputy Commissioner of Wokha stated that as of now about 98 percent RoW is available free of dispute.

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