Thanksgiving Service of Imkong L Imchen held in Mangmetong

Mangmetong, 18 March (MTNews): Thanksgiving service of Imkong L Imchen’s 5th consecutive election victory was held at the Community Hall, Mangmetong Village today 18 March.


Imkong L Imchen speaking during the thanksgiving service for his 5th consecutive election victory, Mangmetong Village, on 18 March.


Speaking on the occasion, the veteran politician thanked the electorate of the 28 Koridang AC for their unflinching support in electing him for the 5th consecutive term, a DPRO Mokokchung report said.


Imchen said the victory was not for him alone but for all the people of the constituency and mentioned his special thanks to the citizens of his native village Mangmetong for their selfless effort and untiring support.


Giving thanks to God for his abundant blessings, Imchen said, “God’s plan is amazing for He has spoken to the people of Mangmetong village to be united and to live in peace and through this strong bond amongst us, God has given us victory.”


Thanksgiving messages were delivered by Mangmetong A Khel Senso Mungdang, Mangmetong B Khel Senso Mungdang, Village Council Sattsü, Mangmetong Senso Telongjem, Mokokchung, Kohima, Dimapur, and Mangmetong Village Council.


Special number was presented by the Choir of Mangmetong Baptist Church (MBC) and the Mangmetong Students’ Union. Chuchang Imchen, Deacon (MBC) said the invocation, Rev. Teka, shared the word of God while Dr I Lolen, Pastor (MBC) chaired the program.

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