Dimapur, 24 August (MTNews): The Thilixu to Toulazouma road, commonly referred to as the Half Nagarjan Junction Road, has emerged as a stark example of neglect, prompting impassioned responses from local citizens. The road’s deplorable condition has pushed the local citizens to their limits, leading them to share their tales of suffering with the Project Constitutional Justice (PCJ) team.


Visimetuo Nagi, a vigilant citizen and an insurance professional, stands at the forefront of this citizen-led initiative. As a dedicated member of the PCJ Dimapur Team, Nagi passionately emphasizes that access to a well-constructed road is not merely a convenience but a fundamental right enshrined in the Constitution of India. Citing Article 19 and 21, Nagi firmly believes that the citizens have a guaranteed constitutional right to access good quality roads.


The sentiment is echoed by Dr. Aniruddha Babar, the Project Director of PCJ and a lawyer and academician. Deeply affected by the dismal state of the Thilixu to Toulazouma road, Dr Aniruddha has expressed grave concern. He asserts that the condition of public infrastructure, including roads, serves as a reflection of the reach and efficacy of governance. In the case of the road in question, Dr Aniruddha states that the governance has faltered, leaving a trail of neglect that urgently requires rectification.


“As the efforts of the PCJ Team gain momentum, their commitment to upholding constitutional rights and their tireless pursuit of justice shine as a beacon of hope. With the citizens’ suffering now spotlighted and a team of dedicated individuals rallying for change, there is a renewed optimism that the Thilixu to Toulazouma road will transform from a symbol of neglect to a testament of the power of citizen-led change and constitutional accountability,” PCJ said in a statement.


The entire investigation of Thilixu to Toulazouma Road condition has been documented by Liose Sangtam and Haiguing Kuame from the PR and Media department of PCJ, it was informed.

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