To mothers… Amma

I know, I would still be that child in your eyes,
That straddling mother hen. Forever
I know, and I see the future of the children.
And I know, how you see your byes. Forever.

God blessed with me with you. Years gone by
I have seen through tears, yet joy, by and by

This Mother’s Day. See through them all
Of grandchildren, a son, a daughter —the call
Of Happy Mother’s Day

An epitome of love…
Remember that Hallmark Card that said…
Our story, of year gone by and by.
The message remains:
“…you Amma, don’t divide love.
You simply multiply love.
Among the many of us.

That’s why we call you Amma.
That’s Why we pray God
To bless You. Amma.

Longrangty Longchar

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