In the heartland of the Naga people, amidst the rugged terrain and verdant landscapes, there exists a spirit that refuses to yield, a spirit characterized by resilience and unwavering determination. Over the course of many decades, the Nagas have confronted and resisted the oppressive forces that seek to undermine their aspirations, echoing their demands for justice and liberty throughout the annals of time.

Though the flame of injustice has at times burned bright, casting a shadow over our homeland, it has failed to extinguish the fervor that resides within us. Despite the weighty burden imposed by the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), a draconian law that looms ominously over our lives, we remain resolute in our commitment to challenge tyranny and safeguard our inherent rights.

The actions of the Indian Armed Forces, intended to suppress our yearnings for self-determination, have only served to galvanize our resolve and strengthen our collective determination. Their methods, characterized by oppression, subjugation, torture, and mutilation, stand as stark examples of the depths to which undemocratic and barbaric practices can sink.

Nevertheless, we, the Nagas, stand undeterred. United in our pursuit of justice, we demand equal treatment under the law, steadfast in our conviction that if AFSPA is deemed necessary for the Nagas, it must be applied universally, without discrimination. Should they claim us as part of their nation, then let them heed our calls for freedom and justice, acknowledging our rightful place as equal citizens.

As we raise our voices in defiance, let us draw strength from the guiding principles that have sustained us through the darkest of times—the spirit of Kuknalim, symbolizing unity and perseverance. May we find solace in the knowledge that our cause is just, our resolve unyielding. Together, let us stand tall, championing our rights, our freedom, and our collective destiny.


Longtili C Sangtam


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