Top Floor Cafe – a pristine and delectable multi-cuisine eatery

Top Floor Cafe, which opened its doors in 2017, is well-known among citizens of Mokokchung. The cafe is located opposite SBI Bazaar Branch, Arkong ward, Mokokchung. In addition to presenting their own unique dish, the cafe is known for its specialty in Asian cuisines such as Korean, Chinese, Mongolian, and Manchurian.



Alemkaba Jamir



Alemkaba Jamir, the 32-year-old proprietor of Top Floor Cafe, remarked, “Starting my own business on my own without any financial assistance was like realising a long-time goal for me.” There are currently three staff members working at Top Floor Cafe. The café also offers home delivery service and the delivery fees can range from Rs 30 to Rs 150 depending on the distance.


Alem maintains that he always strives to keep his work updated. Additionally, he intends to grow his business by setting up branches throughout the town. The cafe’s finest moment, according to him, was when the town began to talk and spread the news about the cafe to other people. He recounted the second proudest moment of his cafe, when, out of all the eateries in town, it was given an “excellent” hygiene rating by FSSAI, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.


When asked if there were any discounts or special offers, he responded that they occasionally use special offers as well as special reductions for large orders. “We also provide exclusive deals to our regular customers,” he added. “Honestly,” he said, “the cuisine is of the highest calibre.”



Alem believes that a creative business mind-set is the most crucial quality of an efficient restaurant entrepreneur. He then explains that in addition to knowing how to cook in the sense of being able to experiment with new dishes in order to produce new dishes and add them to the menu, he or she should also have a good sense of taste in food. He added that the person should be aware of the tastes and preferences of their consumers.


Alem also said that he had never failed and that the only challenge he had in this profession was during the COVID pandemic, when he struggled to recover from the losses caused by the lockdown. However, he continued, one crucial lesson he learned from this was to “never give up.”


Speaking about work motivation and his previous experience, Alem said, “I try to keep my cafe updated on a regular basis in terms of food or interiors, but most importantly, I train my employees, have meetings with them, and keep them up to date on new ideas, how to deal with customers, and so on.” He admitted that, although he had prior business expertise, he had never worked in the food sector before. He also currently runs a clothing store in addition to his prior operation, a gadget store that he had to close due to some difficulties.


The high-quality cuisine offered at a very reasonable price was his favourite aspect of the menu. He also mentioned some of his customers’ favourite recipes, such as TF special chicken, chicken lollipop, chilli chicken or pork, Mongolian and Manchurian pork or chicken, TF special fried rice, Korean noodle, Korean fried rice, and regular fried rice.


He declared that the cafe is busiest between noon and two o’clock and also they try to refresh their menu on a regular basis. Despite many ups and downs in his life, he also noted that he has surmounted many obstacles. Following that, he thanked Almighty God, his friends, and his family for always being there for him.


The café adheres to all sanitary guidelines issued by FSSAI, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.





Some menu items and their prices:

TF Special Fried Rice Rs. 180

Fried rice Rs. 160

Korean noodles or fried Rice Rs. 170

TF Special Chicken Rs. 220

Chicken lollipop Rs. 180

Chilli chicken or pork Rs. 190

Mongolian pork or chicken Rs. 200



For food orders and delivery, call 700597532, or follow topfloorcafemkg on Instagram for more specifics.


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