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Mokokchung, 16 December (MTNews): In view of the 4th Winter Night Carnival from 18 to 23 December 2023 in Mokokchung Town (Main Town Square to Rotary Point) organized by Adventure and Motorsports Association Mokokchung (AMAM), the Superintendent of Police, Mokokchung has given the following Traffic Regulation during the carnival dates from 05:30 PM to 09:30 PM.

winter carnival

No Entry Point: No vehicles will be allowed to enter from Zebra crossing adjoining MTBA Church to Rotary House. Simultaneously, there will be no entry for vehicles from the Rotary House junction towards the main traffic police point. However, ambulances and fire tenders in emergencies are exempted from this regulation.

All vehicles proceeding toward Imkongmeren Sports Complex via Main Police Point from AM Road will be diverted from Main Police Point towards IMDH Road or via DC Hill and Yongpang Market.

Further, vehicles coming from Sewak Gate area and proceeding towards AM Road have the option to take the route via IMDH road up to Main Police Point.

Vehicles from Yimyu area going towards AM Road may take the route via Sewak Gate from IOC and proceed towards IMDH road or Yongpang Market and Main Police Point.

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