Mokokchung, 4 September (MTNews): The Treasury Officer (TO), Mokokchung has notified all pensioners drawing pension payments from the Senior Treasury Office Mokokchung to submit their life certificate, supported by a renewed ‘D’ identity card from the Pensioner Association Office in Mokokchung and their Pension Payment Order (PPO) book.



This submission is required on or before 11 September 2023. Life certificates can be obtained from the TO office on all working days.



It was also informed that pension payments will not be released for those who fail to submit the necessary documents by the specified date. This measure is being taken to ensure the update and confirmation of the continued existence of pensioners, in accordance with Central Treasury Rule No. 367 and 360(IV).


In another notification, the TO Mokokchung has announced that a verification and update of the continued existence of pensioners will be conducted on the following dates:



9 October 2023: Tzusapang, Sungkomen Ward, Tongdentsuyong Ward, Alempang Ward, Alongmen Ward, Dilong Ward, Yimyu Ward, Kapayong, Salangtem Ward, Penli Ward. 



10 October 2023: Majakong Ward, Artang Ward, Marepkong Ward, Lijaba Lijen Ward, Mongsenbai Ward, Kumlong Ward, Kichutip Ward, Sangtemla Ward, Arkong Ward, Aongza Ward.



11 October 2023: Ongpangkong Range



12 October 2023: Asetkong, Langpangkong Range



13 October 2023: Changkikong, Tsurangkong, Japukong Range

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