Under the aegis of Kohima Sümi Hoho, the Tuluni festival, a premier celebration of the Sümi Naga tribe, was held at Y Kikheto Sema’s official residence in New Ministers’ Hill, Kohima, on 8 July 2024. The primary objective of this event was to pass down traditional values to the upcoming generation. The event was attended by 19 colony chairmen and secretaries.

tuluni kohima sumi
Commissioner & Secretary, Y Kikheto Sema along with other officials during the Tuluni Festival celebrated at his official resident, New Ministers’ Hill, Kohima on 8th July 2024. (DIPR)

President of Kohima Sümi Hoho, Shiwoto Wotsa, chaired the event, emphasizing the importance of inculcating the value of festival celebrations in the younger generation. Commissioner & Secretary, Y Kikheto Sema, IAS, the Tülüni Host, briefed the gathering about the significance of the Tülüni festival and its immense importance to every Sümi village and community.

Sema expressed deep concern over the declining engagement in agriculture in rural areas, stressing that the Tuluni festival is primarily related to agricultural activities. He urged the need to revive agricultural practices as they are deeply connected with Naga tradition. Additionally, Sema encouraged urban dwellers to rededicate their efforts in their respective vocations and called on the Sümi community to foster unity and be agents of change among other tribes. He expressed his belief that the traits of hygiene, hard work, and community unity associated with the Tülüni festival will be exhibited in the Sümi community in particular and among Nagas in general.

During the event, Rev Dr Kiyeto Sema, Pastor of SABCK, offered a special prayer for the Nagas and Sümi, and Khekavi Yeptho, Pastor of SBCK, pronounced the benediction.


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