Tseminyu, 27 September (MTNews): United Nations World Tourism Day was celebrated at Tseminyu Town Hall, where special guest Temjen Imna Along, Minister for Tourism & Higher Education, graced the occasion. The event was hosted by Jwenga Seb, MLA.


Temjen Imna Along speaking at the United Nations World Tourism Day was observed at Tseminyu, 27 September

During the event, the host shared the vision of Tseminyu District, aiming to transform it into a model integrated and ecologically sustainable tourism district within the state. This vision encompasses the preservation of natural biodiversity resources, as well as the promotion of cultural and historical heritage. The guiding principles for Tseminyu’s journey on the green tourism pathway include environmental protection, social and cultural development, and the enhancement of equality and economic livelihoods for the local population, in accordance with the United Nations Development Program’s principles of sustainable tourism.


The program featured a speech by Tinojongshi Chang, Deputy Commissioner of Tseminyu, and President of NATO. The program was chaired by Keduose-u, Director of Tourism.

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