Shamator, 23 April (MTNews): Deputy Commissioner of Shamarot, Y Chingyak Konyak, through a press communiqué, has informed the public about the unprecedented rainfall that occurred on 19 and 20 April which has caused significant damage in Shamator district. According to the statement, 10 villages in the district have been completely cut off.

Unprecedented rainfall on 19th & 20th April 2024 has left a trail of damage under Shamator district. (IA Shamator)

Konyak highlighted that the heavy rainfall has severely affected power and cellular connectivity, and numerous culverts and minor bridges have been washed away. Landslides and mudslides have also obstructed most of the roads connecting the district. Of particular concern are three major bridges: Langa bridge, connecting Shamator headquarters and Tuensang; Muksuke bridge, connecting Chessore Subdivision with Tuensang; and Shipong bridge, connecting Shamator headquarters with Mangko EAC circle. These bridges have suffered severe damage and are on the verge of collapse.

Additionally, the press release noted that hundreds of terrace fields and fisheries have been washed away, and many vehicles returning from election duty remain stranded in various parts of the district. Konyak also mentioned that while the District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) is actively engaged in response efforts, the lack of machinery and resources has significantly hampered road clearance and other restoration work in the district.

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