Dimapur, 23 April (MTNews): The Joint Council Forum (JCF) of NST Colony, Churches Colony, and Middle Point has extended support to the Dimapur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) in their decision to implement an indefinite shutdown “in response to the oppressive tactics and excessive taxation imposed by various Naga Political Groups.”

The JCF said that businesses in Dimapur have been facing significant hardships, including intimidation, harassment, and repeated demands from these groups, adversely affecting their operations and livelihoods. The JCF in a press release on Tuesday said it unequivocally denounces these actions as they are not only unjust but also hinder the overall progress and development of the area.

The business community, JCF said, is facing a concerning situation as it appears that these political groups are using their power to extort money from businesses “under the guise of enforcing weights and measures regulations and imposing taxes on Sunday opening.”

This kind of harassment is having serious negative effects on the economy and on the businesses being targeted, HCF said.

JCF further said that it is also important for law enforcement authorities to take action against such practices and ensure that businesses are able to operate without fear of extortion and harassment.

In a demonstration of unity and support, the Joint Council Forum has vowed to stand in solidarity with the DCCI and provide unwavering assistance in their cause. It also urged civil society organizations and the public to unite and back the business community in confronting this “unjust treatment.”

It is crucial for authorities to promptly address these concerns and establish a favorable environment for businesses to thrive and positively impact the economy, JCF said, while asserting that businesses should not suffer from such unfair practices. It urged for “decisive action to rectify the situation promptly.”

The JCF further called on all stakeholders to unite and support the DCCI in their “quest for justice and equality.” Only through collective action and support can these injustices be addressed and an enabling environment be created for all individuals to succeed and prosper, JCF said.

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