Unvetted hawkers with ‘temporary’ permits raise concerns in Mokokchung Town

Mokokchung, 23 May 2023 (MTNews): The Mokokchung Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MCCI) has expressed serious concerns over the significant increase in the number of unvetted hawkers operating in Mokokchung town who are selling their products and services with ‘temporary’ permits issued by the Mokokchung Municipal Council (MMC).


The MCCI stated in a press release on Tuesday that it has been actively raising concerns about the rising number of unvetted hawkers in Mokokchung town, who operate with ‘temporary’ permits issued by the Mokokchung Municipal Council (MMC). However, according to the MCCI, their appeals and requests for action have gone unanswered by the issuing authority.


Expressing disappointment over the lack of attention to this issue, the MCCI emphasized that “if any harm or potential harm” is caused to the public by unvetted hawkers, the issuing authority will be held fully responsible.
The MCCI further cited several reasons stating why they oppose the issuance of ‘temporary’ permits to unvetted hawkers.


Firstly, genuine registered traders comply with all legal requirements and diligently pay fees and taxes, including GST to the government and sanitation tax to the MMC. In contrast, unvetted hawkers only pay for the ‘temporary’ permit.


Secondly, registered traders engage in legitimate business activities throughout the year, catering to the needs of consumers. On the other hand, unvetted hawkers disrupt the formal market, thereby destabilizing the market ecosystem and posing a threat to the growth of genuine registered traders, which negatively impacts the local economy.


Thirdly, there is a lack of price control and quality control mechanisms to regulate unvetted sellers. Consequently, unsuspecting consumers are often deceived by those holding ‘temporary’ permits. Furthermore, the antecedents of the individuals seeking ‘temporary’ permits remain unknown, raising concerns about public safety and security.


In light of these issues, the MCCI cautioned the public to be responsible and vigilant.

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