Joint meeting of TKM, JKTM, JKM and MTSU in Mangkolemba

Mangkolemba, 24 May (MTNews): The Tzürangkong Kaketshir Mungdang (TKM), Jangpetkong Kaketshir Telongjem Mungdang (JKTM), Japukong Kaketshir Mungdang (JKM), and Mangkolemba Town Students’ Union (MTSU) convened a joint meeting today at the conference hall of MTSU.


TKM, JKTM, JKM and MTSU leaders in Mangkolemba on Wednesday, 24 May.


Following the conclusion of the meeting, the students embarked on a visitation program to important government establishments within the subdivision. The first phase of this visitation initiative included stops at the offices of the Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) Mangkolemba, Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) Mangkolemba, Sub-Divisional Education Officer (SDEO) of the Education Department, Community Health Centre Mangkolemba, and the Public Works Department (PWD) responsible for roads and bridges in Mangkolemba.


Students extend gratitude to PDA government for new government college in Mangkolemba


The students’ community of Jangpetkong, Japukong, and Tzürangkong ranges also came together to express their appreciation to the PDA Government, led by the Chief Minister Rio, the Department of Higher Education, and Minister for Higher Education, Temjen Imna Along for fulfilling their long cherished dream and aspiration to establish a full-fledged government college in Mangkolemba Town.


The students’ community expressed optimism that the establishment of the New Model College in Mangkolemba will pave the way for the emergence of efficient and eminent intellectuals, scholars, and future leaders in the days to come.


In a humble prayer and wish, the students’ community pledged their commitment to the college’s strengthening and upliftment and hoped that this educational institution will nurture and shape the future generations.

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