Wokha: 3 injured in pre-poll violence

Wokha, February 25 (MTNews): In yet another act of pre-election violence, at around 11:30 PM on Friday, a group of 38 Wokha Assembly Constituency BJP supporters allegedly opened fire in Saron Colony Wokha, injuring three people, a press release from NCP 38 Wokha AC claimed.


One of the victims, Phonphyamo Ezung, is said to have been shot in the leg while another victim, Yanthungo Lotha, was shot in the hand. A third victim, Suchanbeni Ezung, was reportedly shot in the head but “the bullet passed through her hair bun by chance,” the press release said.


It was alleged that the crime was committed with sophisticated weapons and that the attackers also used a grenade in the incident.


Police reportedly rushed the victims to Wokha Government civil hospital, where they are said to be in critical condition. “It has also been reported that houses and properties at the locality have been damaged due to the firing incident. Also, multiple bomb blasts at different locations were reported,” the press release said.


The NCP called upon every right thinking citizen to condemn such acts of intimidation to create fear among the civilians.


The 38 Wokha AC NCP also stated that despite multiple attacks, “the 38 AC NCP has remained silent for the sake of the general public” and urged law enforcement agencies to investigate the matter seriously as reports of such incidents are being witnessed on a daily basis and are impeding the activities of the civilians.

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