Chumoukedima, March 19 (MTNews): The Wushu competition for the Northeast Games 2024 commenced at the Sovima futsal ground on Tuesday. Wushu is part of the ongoing 3rd North East Games, which is being held in three districts of Nagaland. A total of 58 participants from Manipur, Mizoram, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, and Nagaland are taking part in the championship. With 10 gold medals up for grabs in the 10 categories for this sporting discipline, the Nagaland Wushu team is still in contention to win at least six medals, while the women’s fighters had to settle for two bronzes after losing their respective semifinal matches.

Wushu Nagaland
Players are seen here in action for the Wushu discipline at Sovima futsal ground on Tuesday.

In the men’s semifinal categories, Joy Das (Assam) will play against Vanlalremruata (Mizoram), while Vipu Zhimomi (Nagaland) will face Ng. Hrangaolou (Manipur) for 52kg. In the 56 Kg Semifinals, Wanpherbha Kharkongor (Meghalaya) will take on Nazareth Lalthazuala (Mizoram), and Chakpu Takam (Arunachal) will compete against Moirengjam Wangba Meetei (Manipur) to determine the winner of the category.

In the 60 Kg Semifinals, Yengkhom Arnold Singh (Manipur) will face Milan Limbu (Assam), and Phurba T Sherpa (Sikkim) will go against Nupa Kiho (Nagaland) in the other semifinal. In the 65kg Semifinals, Khwramdao Basumatary (Assam) will compete against Akivito (Nagaland), and Thokchom Malemnganba Meitei (Manipur) will face Francis RR Songthiang (Meghalaya).

In the 70 Kg Semifinals, Kekhrieneitso Angami (Nagaland) will play against C John Denis (Mizoram), and Longjam Boyton Singh (Manipur) will face Sunil Chintey (Assam). In the 75 Kg Semifinals, Mewanpyngsngain Nongrum (Meghalaya) will compete against Sanjembam Rohit Meitei (Manipur), while Yoto Chizo (Nagaland) will face Pravin Shaligram Bhamare (Sikkim) in the other semifinal. In the 80 Kg Semifinals, Lipokjongshi Imchen (Nagaland) will face Konsam Bidyasagar (Manipur), while Sagar Mech (Assam) will compete against Nyawang Gurung (Sikkim) in the semifinal matches.

For the Women’s Category (Finals), Kojengbam Ichal Devi (Manipur) will fight against Bijaya Rabha (Assam) in the 45 kg final. Upashna Rai (Sikkim) and Juliana Blah (Meghalaya) are the losing semifinalists. In the 48 Kg Final, H Roshni Devi (Assam) will compete against Lousambam Kalpana Chanu (Manipur) in the final match, while Geeta Narginary (Nagaland) and Bashisha Nongrum (Meghalaya) are the semifinalists. In the 52 Kg Final, Lalmuanzami (Mizoram) will take on Bhramahacharimayum Tamphasana Devi (Manipur) in the finals, while Anjal Rai (Sikkim) and Kivikali Mach (Nagaland) are the semifinalists.

Earlier, Sovima VCC Chairman Sebastian Zumvu attended the inaugural program as the inaugural guest, with an invocation by Musilo Nusory, Pastor of Seluophe Baptist Church, and a welcome address by Vekhozo, the general secretary of NWA. The Wushu competition will conclude on Wednesday evening at 4 pm, with Neiyalie Angami, Treasurer of the Nagaland Olympic Association, attending the closing ceremony as the guest of honor.

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