The Konyak Union has urgently called for the immediate attention of the state government and the state medical department due to the alarming rise in dengue cases in Mon district. They have urgently requested immediate action and the allocation of critical resources, including more than 5 doctors, over 20 nurses, and 5 lab technicians.


Manpang K Wangyen, General Secretary of the Konyak Union, revealed that on 16 September alone, a staggering 68 individuals tested positive for dengue. This surge has overwhelmed the district hospital, where dengue cases now exceed 50 patients daily.


H A Hongnao Konyak, Vice President of the Konyak Union told Mokokchung Times that the Mon district has no private hospitals and only one small clinic that cannot admit in-patients. He lamented, “We only have the district hospital, which is now filled with patients even in the corridors and verandas. Even our nursing station has been occupied by patients.”


The Konyak Union in a press statement further stated, “Out of 678 dengue-positive patients, 289 are currently admitted, while 200 have been referred to facilities outside the district.” The KU also emphasized the severe shortage of beds at Mon District Hospital, leading the patients to occupy corridors, verandas, and even wheelchairs due to the lack of space.


A dengue fever patient sleeping on the floor at District Hospital Mon on 16 September. The Konyak Union has cited the severe shortage of beds at District Hospital Mon, leading to the patients occupying corridors, verandas, and even wheelchairs due to the lack of space.


Wangyen stressed the dire situation with Mokokchung Times, saying, “The current capacity of the district hospital is woefully inadequate, and we urgently need additional assistance. While the Health Minister, Paiwang Konyak, visited the area 2-3 weeks ago during the initial outbreak and stocked up on necessary items, the sudden surge in cases has overwhelmed the district hospital, rendering government efforts insufficient.”


H A Hongnao Konyak, Vice President of the Konyak Union, described the situation as terrifying, stating, “Today, we even saw first-class gazette officers lying on the hospital floor because there were no available beds. An elderly lady with IVs was sitting in a wheelchair. The people are in despair.”


The Konyak Union’s press statement claimed that dengue has claimed more lives in the district than the COVID-19 pandemic. Wangyen acknowledged, “When COVID-19 emerged, casualties were not of this magnitude, but sadly, lives have already been lost to dengue fever, including one this morning. However, medical data and records are not yet available.”


Supporting Wangyen’s statement, Hongnao said, “The casualties during COVID-19 were far fewer, but now within a few weeks, we have already witnessed 5 deaths. Four individuals were referred to Dimapur, and among them, we lost one of our most senior citizens. He had just lost his son to dengue fever a few days ago.”


The Konyak Union and Konyak Nyupuh Sheko Khong (KNSK) visited the district hospital on 16 September to assess the situation firsthand.


In their press statement, alongside their plea for additional health care personnel, the Konyak Union requested the immediate installation of a Complete Blood Count (CBC) machine and the prompt commencement of the District School Nursing School, Mon. These demands resulted from the Konyak Union and Konyak Nyupuh Sheko Khong (KNSK) visiting the district hospital on 16 September to assess the situation firsthand.


The government dispatched a senior doctor, 2 nurses, and a lab technician from District Hospital Mokokchung on 9 September 2023 as reinforcement. Hongnao stated, “Last week, we received reinforcements from Mokokchung, and I am certain they can attest to the dire situation here.” He, however, added that even this additional support was inadequate.


Furthermore, two more doctors from remote areas within Mon district were detailed to the District Hospital, which Hongnao expressed regret about, saying, “Even those residing in the far-flung regions of Mon district require medical attention.” He clarified, “We are not suggesting that the government is neglecting us; we are simply stating that they are unable to meet our needs. We require doctors from places unaffected by dengue,” Vice President Hongnao reiterated, emphasizing the urgency of the situation.


Konyak Union’s SOS

The Konyak Union extended an appeal to Naga doctors and nurses, urging them to stand in solidarity with the people of Mon District. They stated, “Your expertise and willingness to sacrifice for our community can significantly alleviate this crisis.”


The Konyak Union implored the government and the medical department to promptly allocate the essential resources and personnel to the district, emphasizing, “The lives of our people hang in the balance, and collective action is essential to overcome this unprecedented health crisis.


Mokokchung Times

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