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Phek, 10 February (MTNews): The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Legislator In-charge of Phek District, and Advisor, Prisons and Printing & Stationery, Er Kropol Vitsu and State Secretary and District Co-In-charge Tafi Phoji conducted the Phek District In-charge Touring Program at Chozuba Village on 10 February. “The program facilitated a comprehensive deliberation with party karyakartas, during which their achievements and grievances were meticulously addressed to the District Legislator In-charge by District President, Dr Er Vekho Swuro,” a press release said.

BJP Phek
The meeting was attended by State Officials namely, Tafi, State Secretary and Co-Incharge of Phek District; Vechita Khesoh, State Secretary; Rokovilie Chakhesang, Convenor of State Social Media; Sapralu Nyekha, Media Officer and Convenor of State Media Department; Vepota Nyekha, State Media Department member and all the District Morchas and Mandals that served as a platform for constructive deliberations.

In his address, Advisor Er Kropol Vitsu, who is also the State Vice President, emphasized on the importance of grassroots efforts and further urged the karyakartas to expand the party outreach programs. He re-affirmed that the BJP is a political party and one should not succumb to propaganda politics.

He called upon the karyakartas to work wholeheartedly and unitedly to uplift the party in the District. He sought the cooperation of each and every one and stated only when there is cooperation and unity, we can achieve our goals.

Highlighting the transformative developmental works of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Advisor Kropol particularly underscored the significance of disseminating the PM Vishwaskarma Schemes to the public and leveraging available resources effectively by highlighting the pivotal role of ideologies and shaping voting patterns in Nagaland, urging the party workers to remain steadfast in their commitment towards the positive growth of the Party.

The program was chaired by Dr Er Vekho Swuro, President of BJP Phek District. Delivering the Presidential address, he flagged all the grievances to the Advisor on behalf of the party.

Officials who addressed the meeting included State Secretary Vechita Khesoh, State Media Dept. Convenor and Media Officer Sapralu Nyekha, and State Social Media Convenor Roko Chakhesang.

They provided valuable perspectives on the role of Social Media in influencing and executing schemes and programs to effectively engage with the masses. During the interactive session, party karyakartas also shared their thoughts.

Welcome address was delivered by Thupusa Shijoh, President of the 18 Chozuba Mandal while vote of thanks was pronounced by District General Secretary Shri Veku Khesoh.

During the program, Mulüzoyi Medeo, who resigned from the post of VP of the Nagaland Pradesh Youth Congress and joined BJP was welcomed and felicitated. He has been appointed as the District President, Kisan Morcha. Appointment orders of District Morcha officials were also handed out during the program.

“The gathering exemplified the BJP’s commitment to grassroots engagement and proactive functioning while laying the groundwork for continued progress and outreach in Phek District and beyond,” the press release issued by Media Cell, Phek District added.

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