The Government  Industrial Training Institute (ITI) Mokokchung has undertaken a welfare project to renovate the facility. This three-day initiative which began on July 8, aimed to address the challenges posed by the rainy season, particularly the leakage issues from the slab and roof, which have made it difficult to hold classes.

ITI Mokokchung
Motivated by the decision to address the challenges, the ITI community including the staff and students was also inspired by a collective desire to give back to their institution. With 27 staff members, including the principal, the entire institution came together to devise a comprehensive plan of action. This plan included voluntary contributions for repair and renovation work. Beyond financial support, which amounted to more than Rs 140000, the ITI community also engaged in the physical labor required for these improvements.

ITI Mokokchung
The works included concrete slab casting, painting, and electrical upgrades. T Imlisunep, the principal of ITI Mokokchung stated that with the progress of the works, the trainees which are 115 in total also showcased their dedication to the institute by coming forward with generous monetary donations and hands-on physical assistance to aid in the endeavor.

“We are truly thrilled to have had the opportunity to contribute towards enhancing the working environment of our institute,” said the principal, adding, “This project not only uplifts the physical infrastructure but also instills a profound sense of pride and ownership among the staff and students.”

This initiative exemplifies the transformative power of collective action and the shared commitment to creating a more conducive and comfortable workplace, ultimately benefiting the entire community.

This story of the Government ITI Mokokchung employees’ welfare project is a testament to their unwavering dedication to their institution and the positive impact they can create when they come together for a common cause.

ITI Mokokchung

The Government ITI Mokokchung was established in 2005, approximately 4 km away from Mokokchung town. The institution provides a comprehensive two-year course in six specific subjects: electronics, electrician, computer operator and programming assistant, stenography, civil, and mechanical, catering to students who have completed class 10. In addition to these courses, ITI Mokokchung offers short-term courses and vocational training programs for students who have completed class 8, such as electrician, carpenter, plumber, motor and mechanic, and hair and skin care, aiming to enhance their skills.

Since its inception, Government ITI Mokokchung has successfully trained around 1200 individuals, equipping them with the necessary technical skills and knowledge to excel in their respective fields.

The principal announced that there are currently 115 students and added that admissions for the 2024-2025/26 academic session are now open.


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