Mokokchung, 9 January  (MTNews): The Deputy Commissioner of Mokokchung, Thsuvisie Phoji, has given the green light to JKM Infra Works Guwahati, Assam, for the blasting of rocks at the construction site of the two-lane stretch between DEF Church to Yisemyong on NH-2 in the Angetyongpang Tzü River area. The scheduled blasting is set to take place on 11 January 2024, from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

DC Mokokchung outlined the terms and conditions for the approved blasting, emphasizing the importance of ensuring the safety and security of the lives and property of the public utilizing the NH-61 road during the operation. The contractor, JKM Infra Works, is mandated to strictly adhere to the relevant Act/Rule from the year 2008. Furthermore, the DC stated that the company would be held accountable for any damages to life and property resulting from the blasting activity.

This approved permit is valid exclusively for January 11, 2024, as stated by DC Mokokchung.

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