Chuchuyimlang, 8 January, (MTNews): In a display of unity and collective spiritual fervor, the Langpangkong Students’ Conference (LKM) and the Langpangkong Pastors Fellowship came together to initiate a special day of prayer on 7 January 2024, seeking divine guidance, strength, and blessings for the year ahead.

The decision was taken during the accepted resolution at the 75th Washimong Convention and the 33rd Sports Meet of the Langpangkong Students’ Conference, held recently with attendees from various parts of the Langpangkong range.

One significant resolution that emerged from the conference was the unanimous decision to designate the first Sunday of the year, January 7th, 2024, as a day of collective prayer for the Langpangkong Students’ Conference. The Langpangkong Pastors Fellowship welcomed this proposition wholeheartedly and encouraged all churches within their range to participate in this united prayer initiative.

On the specified day, congregations across all the churches in the range joined hands in prayer, beseeching the Almighty for strength, courage, and divine guidance. The prayer focused on producing God-fearing members and visionary leaders within the Langpangkong Students’ Conference. Additionally, it sought guidance for individuals preparing for various exams and careers, emphasizing the importance of spiritual support during crucial life stages.

Expressing gratitude and appreciation for this united spiritual effort, the President of the Langpangkong Students’ Conference, Imlinok, and the General Secretary, Meyitongpang, conveyed their heartfelt thanks to the Langpangkong Pastors Fellowship and all the believers. They acknowledged the significance of coming together in prayer and its potential to bring blessings and togetherness to the community.

President Imlinok emphasized that such collaborations between the churches, students, and various sections of society have the potential to usher in positive transformations. He called for continued unity and cooperation, asserting that it would contribute to the well-being and prosperity of the Langpangkong community.

Imlinok called upon all parents and students to keep the Langpangkong Students’ Conference in their prayers, fostering a sense of shared responsibility and spiritual connection within the community.

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