Kohima, 20 June (MTNews): A workshop on apprenticeship was held today at the Capital Convention Centre, with Moatoshi Longkumer, Advisor of Labor, Employment & Skill Development and Excise, as the Guest of Honor. The event, organized by the Directorate of Regional Director RDSDE, NE States, was initiated by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India.



Moatoshi Longkumer
Advisor Moatoshi Longkumer speaking at the workshop


In his address, Moatoshi Longkumer highlighted the need for industrial development, manufacturing units, and employment opportunities for the younger generation in Nagaland. He emphasized the significance of apprenticeship programs in society, stating that they are a powerful tool capable of transforming industries and economies.


According to Longkumer, apprenticeship provides a unique learning experience, offering practical knowledge and training that leads to the development of skilled professionals. He further added that apprenticeship plays a crucial role in reducing the skill gap prevalent in many industries today, as it equips workers with the ability to adapt to technological advancements.


S Mathivanan, Regional Director RDSDE, NE States, delivered the keynote address, providing background information on the National Apprenticeship Scheme and its relation to The Apprentices Act 1961. He explained that the scheme aims to regulate the training of apprentices in industries by utilizing available facilities for on-the-job training. Mathivanan also discussed the designated trades, optional trades, apprenticeship eligibility, as well as the mandatory contract between establishments and apprentices, stipends, and employee benefits.


Hokuli, Chairperson of CII (Nagaland State Council), emphasized the potential of investing in apprenticeships. He stated that by doing so, Nagaland can unlock the talents of its youth, drive economic growth, and create a sustainable future for the state.


The welcome address was delivered by Sushil Kumar Patel, Commissioner and Secretary to the Government of Nagaland. Nazimuddin Barbruiya, Assistant Director RDSDE, concluded the program with a vote of thanks.



The workshop also included technical sessions on NAPS reformation, an apprenticeship portal walkthrough, and interactive question and answer sessions. These sessions provided participants with a deeper understanding of the apprenticeship program and its implementation.

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