In pursuit of a skilled and empowered workforce, the Government of India, under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE), has taken significant steps to bridge the gap between education and employability. One such initiative is the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Kendra (PMKK), which aims to equip the youth with relevant vocational skills and provide job opportunities in various sectors. One such PMKK centre, located in Mokokchung, is spearheaded by Empower Pragati Vocational and Staffing Pvt. Ltd., and has been making strides in transforming the lives of the local youth.


The PMKK Mokokchung Centre is a vital platform for the youth in the region, offering an array of vocational courses aimed at honing their skills and making them industry-ready. The primary objective of this centre is to empower the youth by imparting job-oriented training that aligns with the demands of the job market.




The centre currently offers two courses – Make Up and CRM-BPO (Customer Relationship Management). These courses are not only designed to cater to the interests of the students but also to the needs of the local job market. By offering these courses, PMKK Mokokchung aims to tap into the potential of various industries and provide a skilled workforce that meets industry standards.


A remarkable aspect of the PMKK Mokokchung Centre is that it provides these vocational courses entirely free of cost to the students. This initiative ensures that financial constraints do not hinder the aspirations of young individuals seeking to upskill themselves. The government’s commitment to providing free courses enables students from all walks of life to participate and benefit from the training programs.


Upon successful completion of the vocational courses, the candidates are awarded certificates, validating their proficiency in their chosen domain. These certificates carry significant weight in the job market and enhance the employability of the candidates, making them attractive prospects for potential employers.


Since its establishment, the PMKK Mokokchung Centre has seen a remarkable response from the local youth. With over 650 students enrolled to date, it has emerged as a leading hub for skill development in the region. More importantly, the centre has managed to place over 150 successful candidates in various job roles, contributing significantly to reducing unemployment and boosting the local economy.



While the PMKK Mokokchung Centre has achieved remarkable success, it is important to note that the facility has a limited number of seats available for each calendar year. This limitation is in place to ensure that the students receive personalized attention and the best possible training experience. Therefore, interested candidates are encouraged to apply early and secure their spot for the upcoming batches.


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