ENSF calls for ‘One Person One Reservation’ from the Current 25% Job Reservation

Mokokchung, 10 May (MTNews): Observing that despite availing the 25% BT quota, the employment rate of Eastern Nagas in the public sector is at only 13% even after 45 years of its implementation, the Eastern Naga Students’ Federation (ENSF) has asked the Chief Minister to implement ‘One Person One Reservation’ i.e., “to circumscribe the aspirants from availing more than one post from 25% job reservation.”


The federation in a memorandum to the CM demanded that this circumscription be made under NPSC, NSSB and District Level Recruitment Board (DLRB), and 25% Job reservation in any other recruitment process followed by any Departmental Recruitment Board (DRB)/Corporation/Board/CSS vacancy etc where the vacancy posts are advertised to be filled through an official notification from the concerned department.


According to the federation, the bane of the state of stagnancy of employment rate of eastern Nagaland is because of “a single person benefitting/enjoying more than one BT quota.” The federation explained that “once the aspirant cracks the exam, he begins to target for higher post and, therefore, when he secures the desired post as targeted, he resigns from the previous post.”


“It is crystal clear that once a person resigns from the post which he secured from BT quota, the post so resigned is no longer treated as BT quota and is advertised as a fresh vacancy in the ensuing recruitment.


Consequently, that particular tribe is at loss of one BT quota. The said practices have been doing the round since day one of the implementation of 25% Job reservation. In this manner, many posts have been losing every year,” the federation stated and claimed that there is a loss of 44 posts within the span of ten years in between 2009-2019 as per the RTI reply of 2019.


“So, what if an RTI is filed from 1977 to till date? How many posts must have been lost within the span of 45 years? Thus, if the Government of the day does not correct the existing woe, the intent/objective behind implementing 25% job reservation will be a total failure,” the federation said.


They further continued that if this continues for indefinite period of time, at this rate, “the employment rate will presumably keep on reducing and the aspirations of the eastern Nagas to keep/remain at par with the rest of the Naga tribes in terms of economic viability and employment justice shall remain a far reaching futility.”


The ENSF therefore appealed to the Chief Minister to consider and implement their unanimously adopted resolution of ‘One Person One Reservation’.

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