Mokokchung, 10 May (MTNews): As the mortal remains of Ms Supou Lamthio was brought to her home in Pang Village of Noklak district on Wednesday, where the funeral service was held at 2:00 pm, condolences and condemnation poured in from students’ union across the state.


Ms Supou Lamthio, an MA final year student of Unity College was allegedly shot to death by her boyfriend, Mongschon Khiam, on 8 May at Zeliangrong colony, Dimapur.


Shocked over the incident, the Nagaland Law Student’s Federation concluded that it was a ‘culpable homicide’ and demanded that the accused be prosecuted under IPC Section 302.


According to the federation, Section 299 of the Indian Penal Code states that “whoever causes death by doing an act with the intention of causing death, or with the intention of causing such bodily injury as is likely to cause death, or with the knowledge that he is likely to cause death by such act, commits the offence of culpable homicide.”


The federation observed that the act is committed with ‘an intention to cause death’ and with the ‘intention of causing such bodily injury which the offenders has knowledge that it would result in death’ which means, the death of Lt Ms Supou Lamthio is mens rea (guilty mind), and on this justification, the federation cited section 300 of the Indian Penal Code which defined murder.


Further, the federation explained that murder is punished under Section 302 IPC which states punishment for murder as “whoever commits murder shall be punished with death or imprisonment for life, and shall also be liable to fine.”


The Nagaland Law Students’ Federation also argued that because Article 21 of the Indian Constitution guarantees “the protection of life and personal liberty” and Article 2 of the Human Rights Act protects the right to life, no one, including the government, can try to end a human’s life. As a result, the federation urged that the person involved in the act must not be allowed to go unpunished.


The Eastern Naga Students’ Federation, Pathso Range Students’ Union, Khiamniungan Students’ Union, and many other student organizations denounced the murder and urged that the accused be punished according to the relevant portions of the law, with no bail granted.


Meanwhile, MLA & Leader of NPF Legislature Party, Kuzholuzo Nienu condemned the killing and expressed ‘surprise’ that such inhumane crime committed by the national worker is nothing more than ‘purely misusing his power over an innocent girl’.


“Such acts of crime are unacceptable and have no place in society,” he said, urging law enforcement to book the accused in accordance with the law of the land and bring justice to the victim as soon as possible.

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