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Noted senior citizen of Mokokchung Town and member of Seasonal Club Mokokchung will be marshaling the 50th Mokokchung Town Inter Ward Christmas Cake Race on 23 December, riding on his legendary HONDA CB750 superbike.

M Supong Longkumer with his HONDA CB750 superbike
M Supong Longkumer with his HONDA CB750 superbike

The event is being organized by the Mokokchung Municipal Council in collaboration with the Seasonal Club Mokokchung. It may be mentioned here that it was the Seasonal Club Mokokchung who organized the first Inter-Ward Christmas Cake Race in 1971.

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The event will start at 7:00 am on 23 December at main town square.11 participants each from all the 18 wards will participate in the relay-race. Along with the cake race, there will also be a fancy dress competition among the 18 wards on the theme “The Three Magi.”



Honda CB750 is known as the world’s first superbike.

M Supong Longkumer brought the superbike to Mokokchung from Kolkata by road.

The first four-cylinder-engine motorcycle, the first bike to have disc brakes.

It is the bike used in the 1984 movie Terminator by Arnold Schwarzenegger a.k.a T-101

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