GNF sends relief mission to fire-ravaged Naga village of Kaishan Lungchan in Myanmar

Mokokchung, 25 May (MTNews): The Global Naga Forum (GNF) sent a relief mission on 22 May to help the fire-ravaged Naga village of Kaishan Lungchan in Myanmar. This was the 5th relief mission of the GNF to Naga villages in Myanmar.



Global Naga Forum sent relief materials to fire-ravaged Naga village of Kaishan Lungchan in Myanmar.



A truckload of relief materials consisting of rice and essential items, blankets, utensils, clothes were transported to the last border village of Chop in Longding district of Arunachal, a GNF update informed.


“The relief materials were received by the Raja of Kaishan Lungchan village and six leaders of the village council who arrived at Chop on foot. The affected village collected all the relief materials on foot the next day, as there is no motorable road to their village from this border closest to them,” GNF stated.


The GNF expressed gratitude to the Fellowship of Naga Baptist Association; St. Josephs Church, Viswema; PNBA; MLA Ram Muivah, and donors from families of GNF members for their help in the 5th Relief Mission to Nagas in Myanmar.


“Our gratitude to the Raja of Chop village for facilitating and hosting the relief team, Pastor Pongwang of the Tangshang Baptist Fellowship and the President, Tangshang Students Union, ENSA, former Home Minister James Wanglat for coordinating logistics and helping us in the Relief Mission,” GND conveyed.





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