Governor of Nagaland, La Ganesan, attended the 25th memorial day of Captain N Kenguruse, MVC at Nerhe Phezha Village on June 28, 2024. Addressing the gathering, the Governor expressed gratitude to Mrs. & Mr. Neiselie Kenguruse, parents of the immortal son of India, “Neikezhakuo,” who brought pride to their home state of Nagaland and the entire nation. Captain Kenguruse, epitomizing duty and honor, remained steadfast in adversity, inspiring all with his commitment to our values and way of life.

Reflecting on Captain Kenguruse’s sacrifice, the Governor highlighted the debt owed to him and others who laid down their lives for the nation. He emphasized the importance of upholding the ‘Nation First’ ethos for which Captain Kenguruse fought bravely. The Governor praised the Assam Rifles and the Indian Army for their continued tribute to Captain Kenguruse, acknowledging their pivotal role in honoring his memory and inspiring youth with the values of ‘Service before Self.’

The Governor concluded by thanking the Assam Rifles and Indian Army for flawlessly organizing the event and renovating the memorial, ensuring Captain Kenguruse’s legacy endures in the nation’s memory.

Mokokchung Times

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