In a significant development for Mokokchung’s dairy sector, a Portable Liquid Nitrogen Plant (PLNP) was inaugurated here today. The plant was inaugurated by Vikeyie Kenya IAS, Commissioner & Secretary to the Department of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services, Government of Nagaland. The event took place at the Veterinary Hospital Complex in Yimyu Ward.


Vikeyie Kenya IAS, Commissioner & Secretary, Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services, Government of Nagaland inaugurating the Portable Liquid Nitrogen Plant, Mokokchung, 14 June.


Dr K Gwirie, Joint Director of AH & Veterinary Services, delivering the keynote address, highlighted the importance of the event and shed light on the challenges faced by Nagaland in meeting its milk requirements. Despite India being the highest milk producing country globally, Nagaland still relies on imports of milk powder and anhydrous milk fat. Previous schemes aimed at improving cattle and buffalo breeding have not been successful in addressing the issue of low productivity levels.


Dr Gwirie emphasized the significance of the newly inaugurated PLNP. This project, funded by the central government under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS) National Project, aims to revolutionize the bovine population by establishing an organized breeding network.


The Nagaland Livestock Development Board (NLDB) has successfully installed three fully automatic PLNPs in the state. Two functional plants are currently operational in Lerie, Kohima, while the third plant in Wokha was upgraded into a modular automatic plant in 2016. These plants have played a crucial role in meeting the state’s liquid nitrogen requirements for artificial insemination (AI) activities, research works conducted by various institutes, and even hospital needs.


However, logistical challenges, such as poor road infrastructure and transportation issues, have hindered the accessibility of AI facilities in many parts of Nagaland. To address these obstacles and reduce evaporation loss during transport, the NLDB proposed the establishment of Portable Liquid Nitrogen Plants (PLNPs), resulting in the sanctioning of two PLNPs for Mokokchung and the Eastern districts of the state.


Commissioner & Secretary Vikeyie Kenya expressed his optimism regarding the newly inaugurated plant’s ability to meet the needs of livestock farmers not only in Mokokchung but also in neighboring districts. He stressed the importance of creating awareness among the public about the department’s activities and the availability of technical assistance. He also urged the staff to take ownership of the plant and ensure its proper maintenance.


The portable liquid nitrogen plants, procured from Turkey at a cost of approximately 50 lakhs INR, can run on domestic power support. They are expected to conveniently meet the LN2 requirements of the region. With the assured availability of LN2 and access to superior germplasm, the aim is to encourage more individuals to engage in dairy husbandry and improve their livelihoods. While the average production of current cows is only 6-7 liters per day, the progenies of the Frozen Semen Technology are yielding above 20 liters per day.


Dr Achila Ao, Managing Director of NLDB, explained the working procedure and utilization of the plant in a brief speech. She urged the officers and staff to make judicious use of the plant to benefit the people.


Chairing the function, Dr BM Sunep, Chief Veterinary Officer (CVO) of Mokokchung emphasized the momentous occasion for both the department and the district as a whole. The establishment of the liquid nitrogen plant will facilitate artificial insemination to its full capacity, thereby increasing breeding quality and productivity. Dr Sunep encouraged the people to embrace livestock farming and take advantage of the institutional infrastructures provided by the department.


portable liquid nitrogen plant


The inauguration of the portable liquid nitrogen plant marks a significant milestone for the district’s dairy sector, offering new possibilities for increased milk production and improved economic conditions for farmers.


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