Mokokchung, 25 June (MTNews): The Khiamniungan Union Mokokchung (KUM) organized its first mass public meeting on Saturday, 24 June at Khiamniungan Baptist Church Mokokchung compound with more than 320 members attending the meeting.


L Bumeng Lam, Deputy Superintendent of Jail, exhorting the gathering at the Khiamniungan Union Mokokchung (KUM) first mass public meeting on June 24 at Khiamniungan Baptist Church Mokokchung compound.


L Bumeng Lam, Deputy Superintendent of Jail, gave a brief exhortation at the meeting where he talked about the reformation of one’s lifestyle. He said that a person who does not abstain from intoxicants and does not take care of their lifestyle will never become successful in life.


K Sangsa, Advisor, KUM and S Pahin Meyah, Vice President, KUM also gave short speeches. K Sangsa said in his speech that the Khiamniungan community in Mokokchung town is a conglomeration of different villages and clans coming together and living in the town. He said that they may belong to different ranges, villages, and clans, but in the town, they are all one, and therefore, no individuals should create separate unions or associations and break away from the union. He also advised the masses to know their identity and to live a pure life.


S Pahin Meyah, Vice President, KUM, in his speech talked about maintaining a cordial and respectful relationship between domestic helpers and owners, stating that their real parents are the owners. He especially encouraged the helpers who are studying and living in someone else’s house to value the purpose of getting education and to serve their tribesmen and villagers in return.


He further informed the members to get themselves registered as KUM members and to let all the guardians be informed about the registration. He also mentioned that without registration or membership, if any inconveniences or issues arise, KUM will not be responsible.


Additionally, the KUM informed that if there are any cases of KUM members dealing in arms and drugs, the KUM will not be responsible for such cases since the KUM is not well-equipped with the laws related to it.


Kheloi, Vice-President, Khiamniungan Menyiu Hoikam (Khiamniungan Women’s Organization) Mokokchung Unit, also spoke on the occasion.

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