Mokokchung, 24 June (MTNews): The Mokokchung Town Baptist Church (MTBA) Youth Department organized an enlightening writer’s workshop titled ‘Stories’ at the MTBA Conference Hall in Mokokchung. The event, held on 22 June, aimed to nurture the writing skills of aspiring authors and provide valuable insights into the world of literature. The workshop was initiated by the ‘Contact’ team of the MTBA Youth Department.




Dr Limasenla Jamir, Assistant Professor at Fazl Ali College, and T Senka Ao, a renowned writer and the recipient of the 2022 Padmashree award for Literature & Education were the resource persons for the workshop.


During the first session, Dr Limasenla Jamir focused on writing skills and the art of crafting engaging narratives. She imparted her knowledge on various aspects of writing, including different writing styles, effective planning, grammar essentials, using gender-accurate language, and the crucial skill of editing one’s work. Dr Jamir also shed light on the fundamentals of photojournalism and shared insights on writing impactful news stories.


In the second session, T Senka Ao focused on writing themes, narration and publishing. He emphasized the significance of creative writing, referring to it as the highest form of writing in the literature world. Senka Ao assured the participants that a piece of creative writing would never be lost, highlighting its enduring value.


Addressing the importance of writing themes in a book, Ao stressed that the essence of a book lies in its theme. On the topic of narration, he focused primarily on language and the challenges of writing in Ao and how to find ways to express words with tonal variations in written form. He further spoke on the basics of publishing, adding that self-publishing is not feasible in Nagaland as most times, it does not pay dividends.


The workshop concluded with a vote of thanks from Imsuyanger, Member, Contact Team, MTBA Y/D.

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