Longkhum Senso Telungjem, Mokokchung, inaugurated its Fellowship Building on Saturday, 27th April, at Sangtemla Ward, Mokokchung. The building was inaugurated by Rev. Ponen Longchar, Pastor of Mokokchung Town Baptist Church.

Longkhum fellowship mokokchung

Speaking on the occasion, Rev. Ponen Longchar congratulated the committee members and the people involved in completing the building. He expressed hope that this building would be a safe haven for the people. The Pastor encouraged the attendees by stating that where God is, there is blessing, salvation, renewal of life, filling of an empty soul, and restoration. He urged them to make this fellowship building a house of God.

Furthermore, he stressed the importance of not being complacent about having a place of fellowship but rather being open to making this building a place of worship. He encouraged the people to make it a place where missions begin, reaching out to others, paving a pathway to heaven, and fostering closeness with God.

The program was chaired by Imtilemla, President of LTMT. The exhortation was delivered by C Angang Jamir, Chairman of Longkhum Village Council. The building committee report was presented by I Mongro, Convener, and the vote of thanks was delivered by Marchiba Imchen, President of Longkhum Senso Telungjem, Mokokchung.

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