Korean culture is now familiar to many and has significantly influenced various aspects of our lives over the past few decades. It has influenced us in many ways, extending to our culinary preferences as it has now entered our taste buds with their famous side dish kimchi.

mashit seoyo

Imnatula, working as a District Supervisor at Child Helpline, has found her way in the world of business with her homemade “Mashit Seoyo” kimchi, which has not just won the hearts and taste buds of many but also gained their trust.

The journey began when Imnatula’s friend, Jungshi, owner of Block to Take Out restaurant, introduced her to ‘Kimchi’. What started as a simple curiosity in October 2023 blossomed into a passionate pursuit, and, eventually, she found joy in serving people with what she made.


Talking to Mokokchung Times, Tutu, as she is affectionately known, shared the genesis of her “Mashit Seoyo” Kimchi, recounting how her initial passion led her into entrepreneurship. She humbly admitted, “Starting a business was not my original intent.”

However, it was Asen A Jamir, the core person who pushed her into the world of entrepreneurship and helped her see how passion can turn into profit.

Acknowledging the support of Asen A Jamir, who encouraged her entrepreneurial spirit, Imnatula emphasized the importance of customer satisfaction and trust. She remarked, “What is the point of me trying it if people don’t like it?”

She also said she has her ways of taking orders and personalizing them according to the taste preferences of her customers. Adding to that, she remarked that the joy and feedback from her customers are the main keys in pushing her to make her kimchi better.

Despite challenges in sourcing ingredients and catering to the specific tastes of the Naga community, Imnatula has broadened culinary horizons and introduced new flavors.

As her conversation with Mokokchung Times concluded, Imnatula offered sage advice, urging others to embrace self-discovery and confidence. She attributed her success to divine guidance, affirming, “Submit everything to God, and all will fall into place.”

“Mashit Seoyo” has four items lined up for orders: napa cabbage kimchi, radish kimchi, wild garlic kimchi, and carrot kimchi.

To savor Tutu’s delectable sweet, sour, and spicy Kimchi, orders can be placed via Instagram @mash_itseoyo, by phone at 9612300188, or through personal inquiries.

Mokokchung Times

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