Merger of NSCN/GPRN (Akato) with WC-NNPGs untrue

Mokokchung, December 18 (MTNews): Just days after the NSCN/GPRN (Akato) announced that it had joined the Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) fold, the Working Committee (WC) of the NNPGs on Sunday refuted the former’s claim saying that Akato’s group merging with NNPGs, “is premature and untrue.”


“It is necessary to clarify to all the stakeholders that till recently Mr. Akato Chophy was the Vice President of NSCN (Reformation) and an integral part of WC, NNPGs. There was a small domestic issue within NSCN (R) which was amicably resolved in a sitting with his President, Inno Y. Wangtin Naga and General Secretary Inno P. Tikhak, ably assisted by WC Convener and Co-conveners. However, before the ink dried on the document, Mr. Akato Chophy, on his own volition, declared his departure from NSCN(R) on 19/11/21, issuing negative press statements against WC, NNPGs,” the WC-NNPGs said.


The WC-NNPGs also stated that Akato Chophy’s exit was his own making and his re-entry into WC will require absolute unanimity among the WC leaders, which it said has not happened.
“Although he has expressed unconditional support to Agreed Position and Status Papers of NNPGs, seeking acceptance into the fold, the decision has not been taken. WC entities will decide,” it added.


It further stated that the WC, NNPGs is, in principle and practically, “an open platform for all Naga political groups yet certain political decorum and ethical conduct as individuals and leaders are necessary to ensure WC is strengthened and not weakened.”


It also added that WC, NNPGs is a conglomerate of seven Naga Political groups, each maintaining its own political, administrative and military structure and following independent policy. “The common principle is mutual respect, transparency and inclusiveness of entities towards fulfilling the Naga political aspiration,” it said.


“The existence of WC, NNPGs is based solely on equality and transparency on all matters. The issues of moral integrity, ethical values, political vision, and commitment to common cause are the forging ingredients in the WC.”


“As it is, the Agreed Position and the Status Papers are official properties of both the Naga people and the GoI. None should defile it. In consonance with WC, NNPGs standing principle, every decision of WC will be a collective affair through sincere and pragmatic approach, that will strengthen the core values and build greater trust among the WC leaders,” it added.

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