Mizoram Chief Minister Lalduhoma was awarded an honorary 7th Dan Black Belt by the Mizoram Amateur Taekwondo Association (MATA), World Pro Taekwondo Headquarters, and World Taekwondo Headquarters, Kukkiwon. This prestigious honor, the highest in India, acknowledges the Chief Minister’s significant contributions to the development of sports in the region, particularly Taekwondo.

Mizoram CM
(Photo: Mizoram DIPR)

Chief Minister Lalduhoma expressed his gratitude, attributing this accolade to the remarkable achievements of MATA and Mizoram’s Taekwondo fighters. Their success on national and international stages has not only brought pride to the state but also highlighted the growing prominence of Taekwondo in India. The Chief Minister extended his best wishes to the athletes and the association for their future endeavors.

MATA officials explained that Lalduhoma’s consistent support and advocacy for sports development were the key reasons behind this recognition. His efforts have fostered a nurturing environment for Taekwondo in Mizoram, contributing to its rise as a significant sport in the region.

The 7th Dan Black Belt is the highest in the country. The former Chief Minister of Mizoram, Lalthan Hawla, was also awarded an Honorary 1st Dan Black Belt in 2012.

Along with the MATA officials, Grand Master Prof. Hee Do Kim (9th Dan Black Belt) of World Taekwondo Headquarters, Kukkiwon, and Grand Master Lee Jae Ku (8th Dan Black Belt), international coach for Poomsae and Kyorugi Taekwondo, were also present. The two Grand Masters had visited the state as dignitaries for the Mizoram Sports Conclave.

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