During the meeting convened by Deputy Commissioner Mokokchung, Thsuvisie Phoji, at his residence on February 4 (Sunday) to discuss the MMC Complex fire incident, as participants commended the collaborative efforts across various sectors of the community, a representative from the SDRF shared a firsthand account of removing LPG cylinders from hotels amidst the fire. It was revealed that the use of a fireball was deployed for the first time.

Emphasizing the importance of preparedness, the SDRF representative suggested that the government consider approving firefighter suits, which is worth almost Rs 1lakh per suit, for the department at the earliest.

Additionally, he highlighted the issue of overcrowding during disasters leading to traffic congestion and hindering officials’ movements. Thus, he proposed that ward authorities make announcements urging the public to park vehicles far from the incident in the future.

Despite the imminent threat and obstruction to firefighters, a large crowd of onlookers gathered at the MMC Complex as the raging fire engulfed the first floor on the night of February 3.
As news of the fire accident at the MMC Complex spread, people rushed to the site, causing an unusually heavy traffic scene in Mokokchung at night.

Acknowledging the traffic congestion issue, AWUMT President and DC Mokokchung suggested that such matters be more effectively addressed in the future.

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Chingmei Phom, 2nd OC of Fire and Emergency Services, outlined the department’s ongoing awareness programs and demonstrations in schools, colleges, high-rise buildings, and other institutional places to promote safety. He informed the public about the state’s implementation of the National Building Code, including features like water reservoirs on top and smoke detectors in houses. He urged cooperation during demonstrations and awareness campaigns, emphasizing the need for the public to be ‘ever-ready’ as disasters can strike at any time.

MCCI President, Tsukti Longkumer, emphasized the importance of stocking safety equipment such as fire extinguishers during MMC’s building renovations. Pointing out that the fire spread rapidly due to an open wall with plywood, he suggested that the renovated building avoid such temporary makeshift structures.

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